Tena koutou katoa

Ko Tongariro te maunga

Ko Hinemaia te awa

Ko Te Arawa te waka

Ko Ngati Tuwharetoa te iwi

Ko Ngati Te Rangi te hapu

Ko Te Ringa Tahi te Marae

Ko Whakatu te kainga

Ko Schan Crowther ahau

Greeting to you all

Tongariro is my mountain

Hinemaia is my river

Te Awara is my waka

Ngati Tuwharetoa is my iwi

Ngati Te Rangi is my tribe

Te Ringa Tahi is my Marae 

I live in Nelson

My name is Schan Crowther

Where it all began

I’ve grown up around food. My mum had her own catering business since I was a little girl and as I got older I began helping prepare kai and eventually setting up buffets and grazing tables with her. From there I grew a passion for delicious food and saw how much it can bring people together.

Fast forward quite a few years to 2015 I became a mama to my beautiful daughter Hayzel. Dreams grew of making a happy and successful life for the both of us and in 2018 an old friendship with Caleb was rekindled, we fell in love and everything fell into place perfectly.

He began his own business Total Control where his office was literally the top of the hills in Marsden Valley. 

He chased his dreams and inspired and motivated me to finally do the same. Being with him I started to appreciate my Maori heritage and our land more and more. He was our hunter gatherer, bringing home wild meat all of the time. I wanted others to be able to see and taste our local food and from there the idea of Pereti florished.

You can't exactly sell wild meat so we foraged around markets, shops, road side stall for months finding a massive array of kai from all around Nelson, Marlborough and Tasman to bring our vision all together.

In November 2019 with help from my suppliers we were ready to launch and on the same weekend Caleb was fatally injured on his way home on his bike. 

My passion turned into grief something I'm still learning to deal with. I became so lost and around 10 months later I got tired of being sad all the time I decided to focus and push myself to keep on with our dreams.

And now here we are today. Things are a lot different to what I ever imagined but it's happening and I hope I make Caleb and Hayzel proud.

pereti nelson

Our vision

Peretis vision is about bringing people together with good kai while learning and connecting with my Maori heritage to teach, and hopefully encourage other people to learn Te Reo with me. I’m devoted to sourcing ingredients from Nelson, Marlborough and Tasman to help support our local farmers, artisans and foodies creations and to show our customers how incredibly lucky we are to be surrounded by delicious kai. 

Ko tou rourou ko taku rourou ka ora I te iwi e

With your food basket and my food basket we all eat together


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